First Social Networking Site Launches for Export-and-Import

Export and ImportFremont, CA – launched a beta version of an exporters and importers social network, a new service connecting and helping companies worldwide in their efforts to conduct, facilitate and promote export-import business.

Jasbir Sandhu, founder of, announced the release of a beta version of the website. The site provides a business social platform for companies, individuals and trade organizations to build business network, create business leads and manage business relations. Members can promote their products and services, while generating more traffic to their websites.

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Bank Realization Certificate

Many exporters, of late, have received communication from the drawback department of the Chennai customers asking them to produce Bank’s realization certificates certifying that they have realized payment from their customers abroad.

In the event of the exporter, either not realizing the payment from the customers or failure to obtain the said certificates from the bankers, the exporters are under obligation to repay the drawback obtained with interest calculated from the date of receipt of drawback from the department.

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Export and today launched a beta version of an exporters and importers global social network, a new service connecting and helping companies worldwide in their efforts to conduct export and import business.

This is the only service of its kind to connect exporters and importers through a social media network. We believe that the dedicated social network is crucial for global trade, where even the largest generic social media platform does not address the needs of business-to-business companies.

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Importing from China: Getting Started

Expo China
Do you want to import from China? Since most big retailers are now sourcing from China, smaller wholesalers and retailers typically wonder whether they should do the same, but are often put off by the complexities of getting started. Like all businesses processes, the process of importing from China has a lot of steps, each of which has its own complexities. For folks new to importing, these steps can seem overwhelming. But there are real business benefits to learning how to import – building import knowledge and expertise gives you access to a broader range of products at a broader range of prices than your competitors, giving you more product options to compete with.There are several key areas a new buyer needs to learn to import from China. These include identifying suppliers, selecting suppliers, paying suppliers, managing quality control and the logistics getting goods shipped from overseas to your warehouse. While complicated, once you learn how to put the steps together and what to watch out for, importing itself is not that difficult a process.

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Case Study: European Union (EU)

EU Economy
The process of framing EU policies focus on its capacity to respond to global challenges. The single market benefits from high-quality and transparent rules that make it possible to benefit from economies of scale. Competition in single market encourages businesses to provide high-quality products. EU does not rely on single mechanism to tackle trade barriers. EU’s multilateral cooperation is strengthened by bilateral Free Trade Agreements with ASEAN, Korea, India, the Andean and Central American countries.

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