First Social Networking Site Launches for Export-and-Import

Export and ImportFremont, CA – launched a beta version of an exporters and importers social network, a new service connecting and helping companies worldwide in their efforts to conduct, facilitate and promote export-import business.

Jasbir Sandhu, founder of, announced the release of a beta version of the website. The site provides a business social platform for companies, individuals and trade organizations to build business network, create business leads and manage business relations. Members can promote their products and services, while generating more traffic to their websites.

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Snapshot: US Wheat Export

Wheat Export Import
US exports more wheat than any other country in the world, with an average of 24% global market share. In the fiscal year 2006, America produced 57 million metric tons of wheat, out of which total US consumption was about 31 MMT and 27.5 MMT was exported. In the year 2007, the global wheat production dropped about 5 percent to 593 million metric tons (MMT), and consumption continuous to exceeded production since last seven years. The wheat trade dropped by 7 percent to 107 million metric tons (MMT) (3,946 million bushels). Canada has recently increased its share to 18 percent and Australian share has dropped to 8 percent.

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