Does It Worth Doing International Business On Your Own?

You can always do international business on your own or get help of 3rd party service providers. By doing international business on your own you definitely have more control over the situation and keep all profit. However, is there a point on organizing your own international trade unit if this trade is occasional? But even if it is regular, how do you make sure that in-house processes bring maximum return on investment?

A straight simple way to calculate the return on investment (ROI) in international trade would be to use a formula:

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Multinational and Bilateral Trade Agreements and Their Effects on Your Business

There are only several totally isolated countries which make international trade with them impossible but there are very few of them. Countries negotiated mutually beneficial agreements with each other to simplify trade between nations, eliminate tariff and non-tariff barriers, recognize each other’s standards, etc.

There are 2 types of international trade agreements:

  1. Multilateral (or Regional) Agreements
    They set rules of trade between several countries. Multilateral agreements shape international trade unions, such as WTO, EU, NAFTA, etc. For example, WTO is regulated by General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs. European Union is regulated by several treaties, such as Treaty of Rome, Treaty of Maastricht, etc.
  2. Bilateral Agreements
    They set rules of trade between two countries. For example, there are Canada-Peru, EU-South Africa, US-Australia and other free trade agreements.

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First Social Networking Site Launches for Export-and-Import

Export and ImportFremont, CA – launched a beta version of an exporters and importers social network, a new service connecting and helping companies worldwide in their efforts to conduct, facilitate and promote export-import business.

Jasbir Sandhu, founder of, announced the release of a beta version of the website. The site provides a business social platform for companies, individuals and trade organizations to build business network, create business leads and manage business relations. Members can promote their products and services, while generating more traffic to their websites.

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Bank Realization Certificate

Many exporters, of late, have received communication from the drawback department of the Chennai customers asking them to produce Bank’s realization certificates certifying that they have realized payment from their customers abroad.

In the event of the exporter, either not realizing the payment from the customers or failure to obtain the said certificates from the bankers, the exporters are under obligation to repay the drawback obtained with interest calculated from the date of receipt of drawback from the department.

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Export and today launched a beta version of an exporters and importers global social network, a new service connecting and helping companies worldwide in their efforts to conduct export and import business.

This is the only service of its kind to connect exporters and importers through a social media network. We believe that the dedicated social network is crucial for global trade, where even the largest generic social media platform does not address the needs of business-to-business companies.

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